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Petchyindee Kingdom

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About Petchyindee Kingdom

Petchyindee is a real Muay Thai camp with over 40 years of experiences. It was established in 1976 with only 10 boxers at the time. Many legendary Thai boxers were created in the small camp such as Sagat Petchyindee, Roeng-sak, Jomtrai, Yodpetch, etc. Nowadays, Petchyindee is well known as the best Muay Thai camp.

Petchyindee MuayThai Kingdom have over 6 promoters who promote these fighters at Ratchadamnern, Lumpinee, Siam boxing stadium, and Rangsit stadiums.

There are almost 60 boxers in a camp including Sam-A, Nong-Oa, Petchmorrakoth, Sam-D, Nattapol, and many more champions Therefore, Petchyindee Academy was vote the Best Thai Boxing Camp in 2011 from many institutions. Petchyindee MuayThai Academy is located at Charansanitwong 34, Bangkok.


Training at Petchyindee MuayThai

  • MuayThai Fitness and Cardio in the morning
    Including running and sprints - cardio tests, strength and conditioning
  • MuayThai in the afternoon
    Includes - Running, skipping, bag work, 3-5 rounds on the pads, sparring or clinch work (under instruction or within the group)

Petchyindee Kingdom maintain a high standard of training by offering authentic MuayThai classes from a beginner level to advanced fighters level. Train Thai Boxing with from the real Thai boxing masters who have produced many excellent Thai boxers till date.

Several programs are available at the camp as there is an on hand fitness adviser and nutritionist who can advise on your routine and what steps you can take to reach your goals.