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Rawai Muay Thai Onsite Rooms

Rawai Muay Thai welcomes all levels of fitness and experience from beginners to advanced athletes. The facilities are second to none ! Fully equipped gym with two full size championship boxing rings, over very large matted area for training space and modern training equipment

Rawai Muay Thai offer two Muay Thai classes per day from Monday to Saturday for all levels. 


Mondays  to Saturdays Time 
Morning Training:  07:30 - 09:30
Afternoon Training: 16:00 - 18:00

You can book private sessions at Rawai Muay Thai by speaking to the trainers or at the front office.

Rawai Muay Thai offer affordable onsite accommodation from fan cooled shared rooms to air conditioned single rooms. These rooms are ideal for those you have a get up and go attitude to their training plan. The rooms are very conveniently located steps away fro the gym facilities,

Offering three different types of accommodation to suit all budgets. The most economic accommodation is the shared rooms with fans which can accommodate up yo three people each having their own fans. Then private rooms with fan ventilation suitable for one o two people. These rooms offer privacy at a cheaper price than the air-con rooms.  The most deluxe accommodation is the private air-con rooms which can accommodate up to two people.

Gym Facilities : Rawai Muay Thai is fully equipped with Thai pads, several weighted bags and a large matted area. The gym has three full sized boxing rings. 

Rawai Muay Thai focuses on the fundamental fighting techniques including punching, kicking, knees, elbows, clinching, combinations, sparring, Wai Kru, fitness and conditioning. Also once a week there are classes dedicated to Western boxing and Muay Boran (ancient style of fighting).

Group classes and structure: The classes cater to all experiences from beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes who will all be training along side professional trainers and local seasoned fighters.Each group class has between 10-15 trainers supervising to make sure that all students get the needed attention to learn the proper technique and get the most out of each class. The group classes run for about 2 hours each. Every group class includes: Running Shadow Boxing Bag Work Kicking Pads Technique Monday + Tuesday: clinching Wednesday: low kicks Thursday: Wai Kru Friday: Western Boxing sparring Saturday: Muay Boran Cool Down Stretching

  • Return flights to Phuket Thailand
  • Accommodation at Rawai Muay Thai
  • MuayThai training sessions twice daily at Rawai Muay Thai
    (morning and afternoon)
  • All taxes and fees